Workshop #8 Josh Finney / Kat Rocha: Writing for Comics and Graphic Novels

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Workshop #8 Josh Finney / Kat Rocha: Writing for Comics and Graphic Novels


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Hosted by writer/artist Josh Finney (World War Kaiju, Casefile: ARKHAM, Batmant Giantsize 80) and Editor in Chief/artist Kat Rocha. This workshop will walk writers through the process of thinking visually when writing a script for a graphic novel or comic. Creators will be encouraged to come up with a story and then try to fit that story into premade comic pages. We will analyze scripts from some of the medium’s finest creators and discuss how to talk to your artist to best communicate what you want from them.

Kat Rocha began her publishing career as a collaborating artist on such graphic projects as Titanium Rain for Archaia Studio Press and a Catwoman stand alone story in Batman 80pg Giant for DC Comics and  She produced numerous concept designs for Spartan Games and has had work featured in Interzone magazine.

In 2011 Kat founded 01Publishing  with the goal of producing the best in science fiction, fantasy, and horror of both prose and graphic story telling without the crutch of a "safe space." 01Publishing’s catalog of books have received acclaim from the Huffington Post, SF Signal, Kirkus Reviews, Innsmouth Free Press, and The Examiner.

Kat Rocha is a founding member of the San Diego chapter of the Horror Writer’s Association. Find out more at

Josh Finney is an author of horror, gritty sci-fi, and neo-noir. He is 5'6”, weighs 155 lbs on a full bladder, and has black hair that is slowly going silver. If someone was to play Josh Finney in a movie of his life, it would be a young Brad Dourif, best known as being the voice of Chucky—although Josh is more akin to Brad's portrayal of the Twisted Mentat Piter De Vries in the film Dune.

If Josh were a beverage, he'd be a cup of scalding coffee. If Josh were a celestial body he'd be a planetoid in the Oort Belt. Josh's best friend is a rodent. He gets his best ideas while in a half-awake state. He eats raw oatmeal. Every day. He listens to music that could be mistaken for a factory collapsing. He's seen ghosts, spontaneous human combustion, and a UFO in broad daylight. One of those prior statements is not true. Josh does not believe in ghosts. The UFO was a silver disc gliding over an Air Force Base. Spontaneous human combustion is impossible.

If you were to break Josh down into his key chemical components he'd be at least 3% coffee. The rest would be piss and vinegar. His atomic number is 60: Neodymium. When Josh throws parties he serves heavy water and yellow cake.

His body of works includes: Batman 80pg Giant, Casefile: Arkham, Titanium Rain, Utopiates, and World War Kaiju.

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